Regular on-campus family visitations are scheduled during the first and third Sundays of each month from 1-4p.m. At this time, parents are able to visit with their child as well as meet with counselors and staff members to discuss the progress of their child within the program. Family counseling sessions (led by the counselors) are available at this time. If more time is needed sessions may be scheduled throughout the week to help work around the parents work schedule. Special hours to visit can be scheduled in order to accommodate the parents work schedule or if the parent has to travel a great distance to attend. Families are encouraged to attend visitations as well as various special activities, such as athletic events, cookouts and recreational events.

When a youth earns Progress Phase they are able to earn weekend home visits. The youth is allowed an overnight stay with their parent or guardian in order to prepare the youth, as well as, the family for the child’s eventual return to the home. This is the time that the youth can use the skills they have learned in the program to better express their thoughts and feelings to their parents. The home visit is a time when the youth can work through problems and deal with conflicts as they arise in their home environment.

How have your relationships with family and friends changed?

It is the belief of The Children’s Center of Ohio that a successful return to the community is the goal of the treatment process. To this end, The Children’s Center of Ohio will provide support, counseling, and services for reconnection to the community. Each child graduating the program shall receive two phone calls per week, and at least one monthly face to face visit. The visit may include speaking with support persons in the community, school, job, etc. After Tracking/ Continuous Care shall last for a period of six months, beginning at the date of discharge, or until the child reaches the age of eighteen. After Tracking/ Continuous Care is provided at no cost to the placing agency.