The Children’s Center of Ohio believes that each child has infinite potential for success. The unified goal existing between the agencies we serve and The Children's Center of Ohio must be to provide children with opportunities that lead to success. It is the belief that crisis must be stabilized, responsibility must be taken, beliefs challenged, and behaviors altered, to create an environment for change. The cycle cannot be broken unless the existing behaviors that perpetuate its advance are eliminated. This change must occur before the problematic behaviors can be replaced with pro-social attitudes and behaviors. The mandate for success cannot be limited to distance, time, or convenience.

What was your biggest success at the Children's Center of Ohio?

Family involvement, agency proximity, and community worker availability are important factors. However, we have shown time after time that if core issues are not resolved, then all other factors will remain just that – FACTORS – until the child is able to see the same potential we see, wraparound services will be useless. At The Children’s Center of Ohio we have designed our program to facilitate the progression of change, the change that is lasting, and the change we have been fostering since our beginnings.